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fulgur (also in the nom. FVLGVS, acc. to Fest. s. v. fulgere, p. 92
I.fin. Müll. N. cr.), ŭris, n. fulgeo, flashing lightning, lightning.
II. Transf.
A. For fulmen, a lightning-flash that descends and strikes, a thunder-bolt (not in class. prose): “feriunt summos fulgura montes,Hor. C. 2, 10, 12; Lucr. 6, 391: “caelo ceciderunt plura sereno fulgura,Verg. G. 1, 488.—
2. In partic., in relig. lang.: condere fulgur, to bury a thing struck by lightning: “aliquis senior, qui publica fulgura condit,Juv. 6, 586: “fulgur conditum,Inscr. Orell. 2482; cf. Luc. 1, 606.—
B. For fulgor, brightness, splendor (poet. and very rare): “solis,Lucr. 2, 164; so, “flammaï,id. 1, 725; cf.: “nictantia flammae,id. 6, 182: “clarae coruscis Fulguribus tedae,id. 5, 297: “galeae,Claud. Cons. Hon. 3, 31.
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