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glūtĭo or gluttio , īvi or ĭi, ītum, 4, v. a. kindr. with Sanscr. glri, to swallow down; hence also gula and the redupl. gurgulio, swallow or gulp down: gluttit, ἐγκάπτει, Gloss. (mostly post-Aug.).
I. Lit.: “nimio sunt crudae (collyrae), nisi quas madidas gluttias,Plaut. Pers. 1, 3, 15: “epulas,Juv. 4, 29: “micularum minimum cum vino destillatum gluttivi,Fronto Ep. 5, 40 Mai.; Vulg. Job, 7, 19.—
B. Transf., of sound, to utter interruptedly, as if swallowing: “cum glutiunt vocem velut strangulati,Plin. 10, 12, 15, § 33.—
II. Trop.: “Christus clamans glutitam mortem,Tert. adv. Marc. 2, 267.
2.glutio , īre, the noise made by hens, to cluck; v. ‡ glocidare.
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