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gȳrus , i, m., = γῦρος,
I.a circle, esp. that which is described by a horse in its movements (mostly poet.; cf.: circus, circulus, orbis, orbita).
B. Transf., the place where horses are trained, a course (poet.): “gyrum pulsat equis,Prop. 3, 14 (4, 13), 11.—
II. Trop., a circle, circuit, career, course: mensis artiore (quam annus) praecingitur circulo; “angustissimum habet dies gyrum,Sen. Ep. 12; cf.: “seu bruma nivalem Interiore diem gyro trahit,Hor. S. 2, 6, 26: “similique gyro venient aliorum vices,circuit, course, Phaedr. 4, 26, 25: “homines secundis rebus effrenatos tamquam in gyrum rationis et doctrinae duci oportere,Cic. Off. 1, 26, 70: “oratorem in exiguum gyrum compellere,id. de Or. 3, 19, 70; Prop. 3, 3 (4, 2), 21; cf.: “attrahe vela Fortius et gyro curre, poëta, tuo,Ov. R. Am. 398: “in dialecticae gyris consenescere,Gell. 16, 8, 17.
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