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in-compŏsĭtus , a, um, adj.
I. Not compounded, simple, Ambros. Hexaëm. 1, 7, 25; Boëth. Inst. Arith. 1, 17: “trinitas incompositae naturae corrumpi non potest,Ambros. Ep. 81, 8.—
II. Not well put together, not properly arranged, out of order, disordered, disarranged, discomposed (perh. not ante-Aug.).
B. Transf., of style: “incomposito dixi pede currere versus Lucili,disordered, irregular, Hor. S. 1, 10, 1: “fortius quid incompositum potest esse, quam vinctum et bene collocatum,Quint. 9, 4, 6; cf. “oratio,id. ib. 32: “rudibus et incompositis similia,id. ib. 17: “(Aeschylus) rudis in plerisque et incompositus,id. 10, 1, 66: moribus incompositus, id 4, 5, 10. — Adv.: incompŏ-sĭtē , without order, disorderly: “veniens,Liv. 25, 37, 11.—Of speech: “qui horride atque incomposite illud extulerunt,without order, Quint. 10, 2, 17.
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