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in-cŭbo , ŭi, ĭtum, āre (rarely āvi, ātum, in the sense of to brood), 1, v. n. and
I.a., to lie in a place or upon a thing (class.).
I. Lit.: “hic leno aegrotus incubat in Aesculapii fano,Plaut. Curc. 1, 1, 61: namque incubare satius te fuerat Jovi, against (the statue of) Jupiter, id. ib. 2, 2, 16: “umero incubat hasta,rests, lies upon her shoulder, Ov. M. 6, 593: “ipsi caetris superpositis incubantes flumen tranavere,Liv. 21, 27, 5: “his (utribus) incubantes tranavere amnem,Curt. 7, 21, 18.— Poet.: ferro, to fall upon one's sword, Sen. Hippol. 259.— In part. pres.: incubans, lying near to, bordering upon: “jugum mari,Plin. 6, 17, 20, § 53.—
B. In partic.
2. To abide or dwell in: “rure incubabo in praefectura mea,Plaut. Cas. 1, 1, 21: “lucos et specus,to inhabit, App. M. 4, p. 150, 15. — “Pregn.: tabernulam littori proximam, vitatis maris fluctibus, incubabant,” i. e. entered and lodged, App. M. 7, p. 190.—
3. To be in, lie in, rest in or on: “purpura atque auro,Sen. Thyest. 909: “pavidusque pinnis anxiae noctis vigil incubabat,on his wings, id. ib. 570 sq.—
4. To cling to, fall upon, said of mourners over the dead, etc.: “indigna fui marito accendisse rogum, incubuisse viro?Luc. 9, 57; 8, 727; cf. id. 2, 27 al.
II. Trop., to brood over, to watch jealously over a thing, either to keep or get possession of it: “qui illi pecuniae, quam condiderat, spe jam atque animo incubaret,Cic. Clu. 26, 72: “auro,Verg. G. 2, 507: “divitiis,id. A. 6, 610: “publicis thesauris,to retain sole possession of, Liv. 6, 15: “opimae praedae,Flor. 2, 10, 2.—
2. To press upon, weigh upon, be a burden to, fasten on: “ut inhaerentem atque incubantem Italiae extorqueret Annibalem,Flor. 2, 6, 57: “protervus menti furor,Sen. Hippol. 268: “illi mors gravis incubat,id. Thyest. 401.—
3. To settle on, attach one's self to any thing. — Absol., of bees: “nisi incubavere,Plin. 11, 16, 15, § 45.— Usually with dat.: “leo victor armento incubat,Sen. Thyest. 733: “ponto nox incubat atra,glooms over, darkens, Verg. A. 1, 89: “quamvis ipsis urbis faucibus incubaret,took up a position at, Flor. 1, 10, 2; “but cf.: pigra incubat Caligo terras,Avien. Or. Mar. 236: “caelum quod incubat urbi,Val. Fl. 2, 494.
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