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infirmo , āvi, ātum, 1, v. a. and n. infirmus.
I. Act., to deprive of strength, to weaken, enfeeble.
A. Lit.: “legiones,Tac. A. 15, 10: munimenta madore, Sall. Fragm. ap. Non. 138, 6: “hominem,Cels. 2, 12.—
B. Trop.
b. To annul, make void: “legem,Liv. 34, 3; Quint. 7, 1, 49: “contractum,Dig. 49, 14, 46: “graviter ferens aliquid a se factum infirmari,Vell. 2, 2, 1: “acta illa atque omnes res superioris anni,Cic. Sest. 18, 40.—
II. Neutr. only in part. pres. as subst.: infirmantes , um, m., the weak, sick, Sulp. Sev. Vit. S. Mart. 18, 5; id. Ep. 2, 12.
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