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in-frĕquens , tis, adj.,
I.that does not often or frequently take place, unfrequent.
I. Lit., of persons, that is not often at a place, that seldom does a thing, seldom, rare: “sum et Romae et in praedio infrequens,Cic. Q. Fr. 3, 9, 4: “parcus deorum cultor et infrequens,unfrequent, Hor. C. 1, 34, 1: exercitus, thinned by furloughs, Liv. 43, 11, 10: miles, that does not appear regularly at his standard, Paul. ex Fest. p. 112 Müll.; cf. Gell. 16, 4, 5. — “Hence: pro infrequente eum mittat militia domum (meretrix), of a lover,who makes few presents, Plaut. Truc. 2, 1, 19. —
II. Transf., that does not often happen, that is seldom used, rare, unusual: “cum Appius senatum infrequentem coëgisset,Cic. Q. Fr. 2, 12: “eae copiae ipsae hoc infrequentiores imponuntur,Caes. B. C. 3, 2: “interdictum,Dig. 43, 31, 1: “usus,Gell. 9, 12, 19: “vocabulum,id. 2, 22, 2: “infrequentissima urbis,the parts least inhabited, Liv. 31, 23, 4: “causa,which is attended by few hearers, Cic. de Or. 2, 79, 320.—
B. Usually with abl. or gen., not filled with, not well provided with, not acquainted with any thing: “altera pars (urbis) infrequens aedificiis,Liv. 37, 32: “signa infrequentia armatis,to which but few soldiers belong, id. 10, 20.—Also absol.: “infrequentia signa,Liv. 7, 8: “rei militaris te reddidisti infrequentem,inexperienced, Auct. Her. 4, 27, 37; with little knowledge of, unskilled in: “vocum Latinarum,Gell. 13, 24, 4.— Hence, adv.: infrĕquenter , rarely (late Lat.), Ambros. Ep. 35.
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