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īnĭcĭo (less correctly injĭcĭo , v. Brambach's Hilfsb. p. 19), jēci, jectum (endojacito for inicito, Leg. XII. Tab. ap. Fest. in struere, p. 313, a, Müll.:
I.injexit for injecerit,Plaut. Pers. 1, 2, 18), 3, v. a. in-jacio.
A. Lit., to throw, cast, or put in, on, or into: “cum mea domus ardebat ignibus injectis,Cic. Pis. 11, 26: “ignem castris,Liv. 40, 31, 9: “ignes tectis,id. 25, 39, 3: “semen,Plin. 18, 18, 48, § 173: “opus flammis,Quint. 6 praef. 3: “foculo manum,Liv. 2, 12, 13: “vestem flammae,Suet. Caes. 84; hence: inicere se, to throw or fling one's self anywhere: “se in medios hostes ad perspicuam mortem,Cic. Dom. 24, 64: se in ignem. Ter. And. 1, 1, 113: “sese medium in agmen,Verg. A. 2, 408: “sese morti,id. ib. 9, 553: “se flammae,Plin. 8, 40, 61, § 143.—
C. Esp.
1. Inicere manum alicui, to lay one's hand on, to take hold of any one, in order to make him stand still, Petr. 115. —
2. In a jurid. sense, to seize, take possession of, as one's property, without a previous judicial decision (which was permitted, e. g. to a master on meeting with his runaway slave; “v. injectio): virgini venienti in forum minister decemviri manum injecit, servā suā natam appellans,Liv. 3, 44, 6; so Dig. 18, 7, 9 al.—So too in summoning before a judge: “ubi quadruplator quempiam injexit (injecerit) manum,Plaut. Pers. 1, 2, 18; id. Truc. 4, 2, 49.—
II. Trop.
b. Of the mind, with se, to dwell upon, reflect on: “in quam (magnitudinem regionum) se iniciens animus, etc.,Cic. N. D. 1, 20, 54.—
B. In partic.
1. Manus inicere (acc. to I. B.), to seize upon, take possession of, exercise power over: “animus sacer et aeternus est, et cui non possint inici manus,Sen. Cons. ad Helv. 11 fin.: “quieti ejus injeci manum,I have torn him away from his repose, Plin. Ep. 10, 19, 2: “injecere manum Parcae,took possession of him, Verg. A. 10, 419.—
2. Inicere, to throw out a hint, to mention, suggest: “quia nuper injecit,Cic. Quint. 21, 68: Bruto cum saepe injecissem de ὁμοπλοίᾳ, id. Att. 16, 5, 3: cum mihi in sermone injecisset, se velle, etc., Trebon. ap. Cic. Fam. 12, 16, 2: “alicui nomen alicujus,id. Dom. 6, 14.
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