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Ĭōnĭcus , a, um, adj., = Ἰωνικός,
I.of or belonging to Ionia, Ionic.
I. In gen.: “gens,Plin. 6, 2, 2, § 7: “attagen,Hor. Epod. 2, 54; Mart. 13, 61, 2: “motus,” i. e. the Ionic dance, Hor. C. 3, 6, 21.—Subst.
A. Ĭōnĭ-cus , i, m., an Ionic dancer: “qui Ionicus, aut cinaedicus, qui hoc tale facere possiet?Plaut. Stich. 5, 7, 1.—
B. Iōnĭca , ōrum, n., the Ionic dance: “ego qui Ionica probe perdidici,Plaut. Ps. 5, 1, 29. —
II. Esp., metrical t. t., Ionic.
A. Metrum Ionicum, an Ionic foot, which consists of a pyrrhic and a spondee; when the pyrrhic precedes, it is called Ionic a minore; when the spondee precedes, Ionic a majore, Serv. p. 1823 P.; Mar. Vict. 2538 P.—
B. Subst.: Iōnĭ-cus , i, m., an Ionic foot: a majore, Mar. Vict. p. 2536 P.: “minor,id. p. 2539 P. — (Adv.: Ĭōnĭcē , Gloss. ap. Gell. 6, 15 fin.).
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