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lătĭto , āvi, ātum, 1,
I.v. freq. n. [lateo], to be hid or concealed, to lie hid, hide, lurk (rare but class.).
I. In gen.: “ille ignavissimus Mihi latitabat,Plaut. Trin. 4, 2, 83: “latitans Oppianicus,Cic. Clu. 13, 38: “latitans aper,Hor. C. 3, 12, 11.—Of inanim. and abstr. subjects, Lucr. 1, 875 sq.: “in terram latitare minute,id. 1, 890; 1, 642: invisis atque latitantibus rebus confidere, * Caes. B. C. 2, 14.—
B. Latitare aliquem, to hide from any one (post-class.), Dig. 35, 1, 8.—
II. In partic., jurid., to lie hid, keep out of the way, in order not to appear before court: qui fraudationis causa latitarit, Edict. Praet. ap. Cic. Quint. 19, 60; Gai. Inst. 3, 78: “si latitare ac diutius ludificare videatur,Cic. Quint. 17, 54; id. Dom. 31, 83; Dig. 42, 4, 7, § 3 sq.
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