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măcŭlo , āvi, ātum, 1, v. a. 1. macula, make spotted, to spot, speckle, variegate.
I. Lit.
A. In gen. (only poet.), to stain, tinge, dye: “telas maculare ostro,Val. Fl. 4, 368: “et multo maculatum murice tigrim,id. 6, 704.—
B. In partic., to spot, stain, defile, pollute: “maculari corpus maculis luridis,Plaut. Capt. 3, 4, 63: “solum sanguine,Cat. 63, 7; cf.: “terram tabo,Verg. A. 3, 29: dextra maculata cruore, Ov. de Nuce, 157.—
II. Trop. (acc. to I. B.), to defile, dishonor, disgrace, etc. (freq. in Cic.): “rex ille optimi regis caede maculatus,Cic. Rep. 2, 25, 46; cf.: “partus suos parricidio,Liv. 1, 13: “nemora nefario stupro,Cic. Mil. 31, 85: “Catonis splendorem,id. Sest. 28, 60: “tuum maculavi crimine nomen,Verg. A. 10, 851: “inde metus maculat poenarum praemia vitae,spoils, Lucr. 5, 1151: “obsoleta quoque (verba) et maculantia ex sordidiore vulgi usu ponit,Gell. 16, 7, 4.—Hence, măcŭ-lātim , adv., in a spotted or mottled fashion (late Lat.), Aug. Gen. ad Lit. 5, 10.
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