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mĭnor , ātus, 1, v. dep. (
I.act. collat. form, v. mino) [minae], to jut forth, project.
I. Lit. (only poet.): “geminique minantur In caelum scopuli,Verg. A. 1, 162: “saxa minantia caelo,Sil. 4, 2.—
II. Transf., to threaten, menace one with any thing; constr. alicui, alicui aliquid, with abl., with acc. and inf., or with ne.
A. In gen. (class.).
(β). Alicui aliquid: “crucem minari alicui,Cic. Tusc. 1, 43, 102.—
(γ). With abl.: “coepit minari interdum ferro,Sall. C. 23, 3. —
B. In partic., like the Gr. ἀπειλεῖν, to promise boastfully (poet.): “atqui vultus erat multa et praeclara minantis,Hor. S. 2, 3, 9: “qui magna cum minaris, extricas nihil,Phaedr. 4, 21, 4.—Hence, mĭnanter , adv., threateningly, with threats, = minaciter: “multa minanter agat,Ov. A. A. 3, 582.
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