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Mĭnŭcĭus (Minut- ), i, m.; Mĭnŭ-tĭa (Minuc- ), ae, f.,
I.the name of a Roman gens, of whom,
1. M. Minucius Rufus, magister equitum under the dictator Fabius Maximus Cunctator, Liv. 22, 8, 6; Nep. Hann. 5, 3; Sil. 7, 386.—
2. Another, Luc. 6, 126.—
3. Minucius Felix, of Africa, in the third century of the Christian era, the author of an apologetic work in favor of the Christian religion, Lact. 1, 11, 55; 5, 1, 22.—Fem.: Mĭnŭcĭa , ae, a vestal, who was punished for incontinence by being buried alive, Liv. 8, 15, 7.—
II. Mĭnŭcĭ-us (Minut- ), a, um, adj., of or belonging to a Minucius, Minucian: “Minucia gens,Cic. Verr. 2, 1, 45, § 115: “lex, Paul. ex Fest. s. v. osi, p. 201 Müll.: Minucia porta appellata est eo, quod proxima esset sacello Minucii,id. p. 147 Müll.: porticus, in Rome, built by M. Minucius Rufus, Cic. Phil. 2, 34, 84: “via,from Rome to Brundisium, id. Att. 9, 6, 1.
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