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mūtŭus , a, um, adj. 1. muto,
I.borrowed, lent (class.).
I. Lit.: “nullus est tibi, quem roges mutuom Argentum,to lend you money, Plaut. Ps. 1, 3, 60; id. Pers. 1, 1, 44: “mutuum talentum dare,to lend, advance, id. Trin. 4, 3, 48: “mutuum argentum quaerere,to seek to borrow money, id. Pers. 1, 1, 5: “huic drachmarum argenti haec mille dederat mutuom,Ter. Heaut. 3, 3, 40: “nam si mutuas (sc. minas) non potero, certumst sumam faenore,Plaut. As. 1, 3, 95: mutuas pecunias sumere ab aliquo, to borrow or raise money of any one, Cic. Phil. 10, 11, 26: “mutuum frumentum dare,to lend, id. Agr. 2, 30, 83: “si quoi mutuom quid dederis, fit pro proprio perditum,Plaut. Trin. 4, 3, 44.—
2. Subst.: mūtŭum , i, n., a loan: “mutui datio,a lending, Gai. Inst. 3, 90; Dig. 12, 1, 2.—In dat.: mutuo, by or upon a loan: “aut sumtum aliunde, ut mutuo, aut factum ab ipso,Cic. Or. 24, 86: “petere mutuo naves, pecuniam,Just. 17, 2, 13: “mutuo sumamus pecunias in tributa regis,Vulg. 2 Esdr. 5, 4; cf. adv. mutuo, infra; and Krebs, Antibarb. p. 731.—
B. Trop.: “si pudoris egeas, sumas mutuum,borrow shame, if you have none, Plaut. Am. 2, 2, 187: ego cum illā facere nolo mutuum: Pa. Quid ita? Ph. Quia proprium facio; “amo pariter semul,” i. e. I do not want to borrow her love, but to possess it as my own, id. Curc. 1, 1, 47.—
II. Transf., in return, in exchange, reciprocal, mutual: “olores mutuā carne vescuntur inter se,eat one another, Plin. 10, 23, 32, § 63: “funera,Verg. A. 10, 755: “vulnera,wounds inflicted by each on the other, Just. 13, 8: “officia,Cic. Fam. 13, 65, 1: “aemulatio virtutis,Just. 22, 4: “nox omnia erroris mutui implevit,on both sides, Liv. 4, 41: “odia,Tac. A. 14, 3: “accusatio,id. ib. 6, 4: “mutuum facere,to do the same, return like for like, Plaut. Trin. 2, 4, 37: ut amore perdita est haec misera! Pyr. Mutuum fit (sc. a me), I do the same, return like for like, id. Mil. 4, 6, 38: per mutua, mutually, on or from one another: “pedibus per mutua nexis,Verg. A. 7, 66. So, mutua: “inter se mortales mutua vivunt,Lucr. 2, 76: “e laevo sit mutua dexter,again, on the other hand, id. 4, 325 (302): “mutuus ut nos Affectus petere auxilium juberet,Juv. 15, 149: —Hence, adv., in three forms.
A. -tŭō , in return, by turns, reciprocally, mutually (class.; cf.: invicem, vicissim): studia officii mutuo inter nos certatim constiterunt, Lepid. ap. Cic. Fam. 10, 34, 3: me mutuo diligas, Planc. ap. Cic. Fam. 10, 15, 4: “exercere officia cum multis,Suet. Aug. 53: cum de se mutuo sentire provinciam crederet, that it was disposed towards him as he was towards it, Auct. B. Alex. 48.—
B. mūtŭē , mutually, in return (class.): “respondere,Cic. Fam. 5, 7, 2 (al. mutuo): “respondisse,id. ib. 5, 2, 4 (al. mutuo).—
C. mūtŭĭter , mutually, in return (anteclass.): vive, meque ama mutuiter, Varr. ap. Non. 513, 16.
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