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nŏcĕo , cŭi, cĭtum, 2 (
I.inf. pres. pass. nocerier, Plaut. Curc. 2, 3, 73; gen. plur. nocentūm, Ov. P. 1, 8, 19; perf. subj. noxit: ne boa noxit, Lucil. ap. Paul. ex Fest. s. v. Fama, p. 360 Müll.; Fronto ad M. Caesarem, 3, 13 Mai.), v. n. (and a.; v. infra ε) [Sanscr. root nac, disappear; Gr. νέκυς; cf.: neco, nex, noxa, pernic-ies], to do harm, inflict injury, do hurt to (cf.: obsum, obficio, laedo).—Constr.
(β). With a homogeneous or a general (pronominal) object: OB EAM REM NOXAM NOCVERVNT, have been guilty of a crime, from an old fetial formula, Liv. 9, 10, 9: “si uredo aut grando quippiam nocuit,Cic. N. D. 3, 35, 86: “quid nocet haec?Juv. 14, 153.—
(γ). In pass. (very rare), to be harmed, injured: “larix ab carie aut a tineā non nocetur,Vitr. 2, 9 med.: “noceri eas (ciconias) omnibus quidem locis nefas ducunt, sed, etc.,Sol. 40 fin.
(δ). Impers. pass. (class.), an injury is done or inflicted: “ut ne cui noceatur,Cic. Off. 1, 10, 31: “mihi nihil ab istis noceri potest,id. Cat. 3, 12, 37: ut in agris vastandis hostibus noceretur, Caes. B. G. 5, 19: “ipsi nihil nocitum iri,id. ib. 5, 36: “neque diem decet me morari, neque nocti nocerier,that injury be done to the night, Plaut. Curc. 2, 3, 73.—(ε) Act. (late Lat.): “nihil illum nocuit,Vulg. Luc. 4, 35; id. Act. 7, 26; 18, 10.—Hence, nŏcens , entis, P. a., that commits a wicked action, bad, wicked, culpable, criminal (cf.: “sons, reus): nocens et nefarius,Cic. Off. 2, 14, 51: “homines nocentissimi,id. Div. in Caecil. 3, 9: “nocentissima victoria,Cic. Verr. 1, 14, 41: “nocentissimi mores,Quint. 2, 15, 32: meritā caede nocentūm (poet. for nocentium; cf. Auct. Her. 4, 35, 45), Ov. P. 1, 8, 19.—
II. In gen., hurtful, harmful, pernicious, baneful, injurious: “a pestiferis et nocentibus refugere,Cic. N. D. 2, 47, 120: “boletus,Juv. 6, 620.—Comp.: “edit cicutis allium nocentius,Hor. Epod. 3, 3.—Hence, adv.: nŏcenter , hurtfully, injuriously (not ante-Aug.): “nocenter armata,Col. 8, 2, 10: “abscessus nocenter adulescit,Cels. 5, 28, 11; Tert. Apol. 14.
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