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nuncŭpātĭo , ōnis, f. id.,
I.a naming, calling; a name, appellation (post-Aug.).
I. In gen.: “justitiam universae virtutis nuncupatione complectitur,App. Dogm. Plat. 2, p. 15, 39: “regum, id. de Mundo, p. 68, 24: nuncupatio Augusta,the title of Augustus, Amm. 23, 6, 2.—
II. In partic.
A. A naming or appointing as heir: “cum a parentibus inter liberos palam heres nuncuparetur, derisores vocabat, quod post nuncupationem vivere perseverarent,Suet. Calig. 38; cf. Gai. Inst. 2, §§ 104, 109; Ulp. Reg. t. 20, § 9; Dig. 28, 6, 18; 28, 16, 20.—
B. A dedication of a book: mihi patrocinia ademi nuncupatione, Plin. H. N. praef. § 8.—
C. A public pronouncing of vows: “votorum nuncupationes,Tac. A. 16, 22; Suet. Ner. 46: “sollennium verborum,at the consecration of a temple, Val. Max. 5, 10, n. 1.
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