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nĕgōtĭor (nĕgōc- ), ātus, 1,
I.v. dep. n. and a. [id.], to carry on business, esp. a wholesale business or the banking business.
B. Transf., in gen., to trade, traffic: “negotiandi causā,Liv. 33, 29, 4; Col. praef. 12.—
C. To gain by traffic (eccl. Lat.): “quantum negotiatus esset,Vulg. Luc. 19, 15.—
II. Trop. *
A. To deal, traffic: “animā statim nostrā negotiari,to traffic with our lives, Plin. 29, 1, 5, § 11.—*
B. To engage in business: “circumspiciebam in quod me mare negotiaturus immitterem,Sen. Ep. 119, 5.—Hence, -gōtĭans , antis, P. a.—As subst.
A. A wholesale dealer, trader, banker, business man: “negavi me cuipiam negotianti dare (praefecturam),Cic. Att. 5, 21, 10.—
B. In gen., a dealer, tradesman: “MATERIARIVS,Inscr. Fabr. 655, n. 476: “SALSAMENTARIVS ET VINARIARIVS,Inscr. Orell. 4249.—Plur.: “aratores ac negotiantes,Suet. Aug. 42: “negotiantes in basilicā,Vitr. 5, 1, 8: NEGOTIANTES VINI ARIMINENSES, Inscr. Rein. c. 3, n. 88 (a. p. Chr. n. 251).
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