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Oebălus , i, m., = Οἴβαλος,
I.a king of Sparta, the father of Tyndarus and grandfather of Helen, under whose guidance the Parthenians went to Lower Italy and founded Tarentum, Hyg. Fab. 78.—
II. A king of Caprea, son of Telon, Verg. A. 7, 734.—Hence,
A. Oebălĭdes , ae, m., = Οἰβαλίδης, a male descendant of Œbalus, an Œbalide, Spartan: “Oebalides puer,” i. e. Hyacinthus, Ov. Ib. 590: “Laberis, Oebalide, i. e. Hyacinthe,id. M. 10, 196: “Oebalides,” i. e. Pollux, Val. Fl. 4, 293.—In plur.: Oebă-lĭdae , ārum, m., Castor and Pollux, Ov. F. 5, 705.—
B. Oebălis , ĭdis, f. adj.
1. Of or belonging to Œbalus, Œbalian, Spartan: “applicor in terras, Oebali nympha, tuas,” i. e. Helen, Ov. H. 16, 126
2. Italian, Roman: “Oebalides matres,Ov. F. 3, 230.—
C. Oebălĭus , a, um, adj., = Οἰβάλιος.
1. Of or belonging to Œbalus, Œbalian, Spartan: “Oebalii fratres,” i. e. Castor and Pollux, Stat. S. 3, 2, 9: “alumnus,” i. e. Pollux, Val. Fl. 1, 422: manus. of Castor, id. ib. 6, 220; “puer,” i. e. Hyacinthus, Mart. 14, 173, 2: “vulnus,of Hyacinthus, Ov. M. 13, 396: “paelex,Helen, id. R. Am. 458: “amores,of Helen, Stat. S. 2, 6, 27: “magister,Pollux, Stat. Th. 6, 822.—
2. Sabine, Ov. F. 1, 260.
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