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offĭcīna , ae, f. contr. from opificina, from opifex; the uncontracted prim. form, opĭfĭcīna , is still found in Plaut. Mil. 3, 3, 7, and Jul. Val. Res Gest. Alex. M. 3, 83 fin. Mai,
I.a workshop, manufactory (class.; cf. fabrica).
2. In partic., in econom. lang. = ornithon, a place where fowls are kept, in order to lay their eggs and hatch their young, a poultry-house or yard, Col. 8, 3, 4.—
B. Transf., a making, formation: “in magnis corporibus facilis officina sequaci materia fuit,Plin. 11, 2, 1, § 2.—
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