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olfăcĭo , ēci, actum, 3 (uncontracted collat. form ŏlĕfăcĭo :
I.olefacit, olefecit, olefactum,Not. Tir. p. 167), v. a. oleo-facio, to smell, scent something (class.; syn. odoror).
B. Trop., to smell, scent, surmise, detect any thing: “non sex totis mensibus olfecissem, quam, etc.,Ter. Ad. 3, 3, 43: “nummum,Cic. Agr. 1, 4, 11: “nomen poëtae,Petr. 93.—*
II. To cause to smell of any thing: “si ad matris mammam (agnus) non accedet, admovere oportet et olfacere labra lacte,Varr. R. R. 2, 2, 16.
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