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oppĕrĭor (obp- ), pĕrītus and pertus, 4 (arch. forms,
I.fut. opperibor, Plaut. Truc. 1, 2, 107 al.; inf. opperirier, id. ib. 2, 3, 5; v. infra; Ter. Eun. 5, 2, 51), v. dep. n. and a. [kindred with experior, from perior, whence peritus].
II. Act., to wait for, await, expect a person or thing.
(α). With a personal object: “servom, quem ego me jusseram hic opperiri,Plaut. Aul. 4, 7, 18: “abi intro: ibi me opperire,Tert. And. 3, 2, 43: “hostem,Verg. A. 10, 771: “imperatorem,Tac. A. 4, 66.—
(β). With an inanim. object: “seni non otium erat, id sum opperitus,Plaut. Most. 3, 2, 101: “tempora sua,Liv. 1, 56, 8: “tempus dextrum,to wait for the right time, Sil. 5, 85.
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