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prīdĭē , adv. from the obsol. pri (whence prior, primus, pridem) and dies.
I. Lit., on the day before (class.; opp. postridie).— Constr. absol., with acc. of the day from which the reckoning was made, or with quam (class.); also, with gen. (class. only in the phrase pridie ejus diei).
(γ). With gen.: “pridie ejus diei,on the day before this day, the day before, Caes. B. G. 1, 47: “insidiarum,the day before the ambush, Tac. A. 15, 54: “Kalendarum,Dig. 28, 1, 5.—
(δ). With acc., designating the day (v. Madvig. § “230, obs. 1): pridie Idus,Cic. Att. 13, 25, 2: “Compitalia,id. ib. 2, 3, 3: “Quinquatrus,id. ib. 9, 13, 2: “eum diem,id. ib. 11, 23, 2: “Parilia,Liv. 40, 2: “Circenses,Suet. Calig. 55: “constitutam diem,Just. 1, 10, 7: “nuptiarum diem, Fest. s. v. Regillis, p. 286 Müll.: vindemias,Dig. 24, 3, 7: “aequinoctium autumnale,ib. 43, 19, 1.—
II. Transf., the phrase pridie Kalendas (Nonas, etc.) is used as a subst.: “nos in Formiano esse volumus usque ad pridie Nonas Maias,Cic. Att. 2, 11, 2: “ex ante diem III. Non. Jun. usque ad prid. Kal. Sept.,id. ib. 3, 17, 1: “gignit id maxime arcturi exortus ex a. d. pridie Idus Septembris,Plin. 11, 16, 15, § 41; cf.: EX. A. D. V. KAL. DEC. AD PR. KAL. JAN. SEXT., for six years, to the 31st December, Inscr. Orell. 594: litterarum datarum pridie Kal. Januar. suavem habuit recordationem clarissimi jurisjurandi, the 31st of December, Cic. Att. 6, 1, 22.—With an acc., not designating a day: “quod uxorem pridie sortitionem ductam postridie repudiasset,Suet. Tib. 35 fin. Roth (Oud. sortitione).—
B. In gen., before, a short time before (post-class.), Dig. 40, 5, 10 fin.; Vell. 2, 83, 3: “Psyche, non ita, ut pridie, parvula,App. M. 5, p. 165.
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