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purpŭro , āvi, ātum, 1, v. a. and n. purpura.
I. Act., to purple, i. e. to make purple-colored, to dye with purple: undas, i. e. to darken (cf. purpureus), Furius ap. Gell. 18, 11, 3: “purpurati nimium ocelli,Mart. Cap. 9, § 918.—
B. Transf., to beautify, adorn, App. M. 6, p. 427 Oud.—
II. Neutr., to be purple or purple-colored: “purpurantes violae,Arn. 5, 160; Prud. Cath. 6, 82: purpurantem pingit annum floribus, Auct. Pervig. Ven. 12; App. M. 10, p. 149, 9.—*
B. Transf., to be painted or adorned, to shine: quae frondens purpurat auro, Col. poët. 10, 101 dub. (al. quae frondent purpurā et auro).
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