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pastĭnum , i, n.,
I.a kind of two-pronged dibble, for preparing the ground and for setting plants with: pastinum vocant agricolae ferramentum bifurcum, quo semina panguntur. Col. 3, 18. 1, and 6.—
II. Transf.
A. The act of digging up and trenching the ground: “pastinum fieri nunc tempus est,Pall. 2, 10, 1.—
B. In plur., ground so prepared: “sed haec in pastinis vel sulcis ratio erit,Pall. 3, 9, 13: “latitudo pastinorum,id. 1, 7, 2; 1, 34, 2: “instituere,Dig. 24, 3, 7.
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