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pĕlăgĭum , ii, v. pelagius, II. B.
1.pĕlăgĭus , a, um, adj., = πελάγιος, of or belonging to the sea, sea- (pure Lat. marinus): “pelagii greges piscium,Varr. R. R. 3, 3, 10: “pelagiae conchae,sea-mussels, Plin. 9, 29, 46, § 85: “cursus,Phaedr. 4, 20, 7: matrona ornata phaleris pelagiis, i. e. with pearls and corals, P. Syrus ap. Petr. 55
II. Subst.
A. pĕlăgĭa , ae, f., a kind of pearl-mussel, Plin. 9, 37, 61, § 131.—
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