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pălaestrĭcus , a, um, adj., = παλαιστρικος,
I.of or belonging to the palœstra, palœstric: “pro exercitu gymnastico et palaestrico hoc habemus,Plaut. Rud. 2, 1, 7: “palaestrici motūs,the motions of a dancingmaster, Cic. Off. 1, 36, 130: “magister,Quint. 2, 8, 7; cf. “doctores,id. 12, 2, 12: “facies decora et suci palaestrici plena,App. Mag. p. 315.—Sarcastically of Verres: “palaestricus praetor, because he illegally decided a cause in favor of a company of wrestlers,Cic. Verr. 2, 2, 22, § 54.—
II. Subst.
A. pălaestrĭcus , i, m., a teacher of the art of wrestling, Quint. 1, 11, 15.—
B. pălae-strĭca , ae, f., the art of wrestling, Quint. 2, 21, 11.—Hence, advv.
1. pălaestrĭcē , after the manner of the palœstra: “palaestrice spatiari in xysto,Cic. Opt. Gen. 3.—
2. In the Greek form pălaestrĭcōs , = παλαιστρικῶς, the same (ante-class.), Afran. ap. Non. 154, 12 (Com. Rel. p. 157, v. 154 Rib.).
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