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persĕvēro , āvi, ātum, 1, v. n. and
I.a. [perseverus].
I. Neutr., to abide by or adhere to strictly; to continue steadfastly, to persist, persevere in any thing (class.; syn.: persisto, permaneo).
II. Act., to go on or proceed with steadily, to persist, persevere in any thing (class.); usually constr with an object-clause; rarely with acc. or abl.
(α). With inf.: “injuriam facere,Cic. Quint. 8, 31: aliquem conservare, Curius ap. Cic. Fam. 7, 29, 1: “bello persequi,Caes. B. G. 1, 13, 4.—With acc. and inf: “cum Orestes perseveraret, se esse Orestem,stuck to it, Cic. Lael. 7, 24; so, “cum id facturos se perseverarent,Vell. 2, 92, 3.—
(β). With acc.: “neque te ipsum id perseverare et transigere potuisse,Cic. Quint. 24, 76: “religiosam observantiam,Symm. Ep. 1, 90 (96).—In the pass.: “ob haec illi quatriduo perseverata inedia est,Just. 12, 6, 15
(γ). With abl.: “bellis continuis perseverare,Just. 38, 4, 11.—Hence, persĕvērans , antis, P. a., persevering; with abl.: “perseverantior caedendis (hostibus),Liv. 5, 31, 4 (Madv. caedendi).—Absol.: “perseverantissimus sui cultus,Val. Max. 6, 6, 1 ext.: perseverantissimum studium, Col. praef. 1, § 19: pertinaciter perseverans, Jul. Obseq. 64: “valetudo,Plin. Ep. 1, 12, 9: “perseverantissima pietas,Aug. Ep. 555.—Adv.: persĕvēranter , perseveringly: “tueri,Liv. 4, 60, 5: “tacere,Val. Max. 6, 1, 7.—Comp.: “perseverantius saevire,Liv. 21, 10, 7.—Sup.: “aliquem perseverantissime diligere,Plin. Ep. 4, 21, 3 (dub.; Keil, persevera).
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