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prae-fīgo , xi, xum, 3, v. a., fix or fasten before, to set up in front, to fix on the end or extremity of.
I. Lit. (class., but not in Cic.): “ripa erat acutis sudibus praefixis munita,Caes. B. G. 5, 18; so, “praefigere aëneos cancellos foraminibus,Col. 8, 17, 6: “arma puppibus,Verg. A. 10, 80: “in hastis Praefigunt capita,id. ib. 9, 466; cf.: “vexillum in biremis puppe,Suet. Calig. 15: “rostrum lupi villarum portis,Plin. 28, 10, 44, § 157: “caput hastae,Suet. Caes. 85.— Poet.: nigrum theta (i. e. Θ, as a sign of death on Roman inscriptions) vitio, to mark crime with the black theta, i. e. to condemn it, Pers. 4, 13.—
II. Transf., aliquid aliquā re.
A. To tip, head, point, etc.: “asseres cuspidibus praefixi,Caes. B. C. 2, 2: jacula praefixa ferro, Liv. 26, 4, 4: “aere aut ferro praefixae hastae,Curt. 3, 2, 7: “ferro praefixum robur acuto,Verg. A. 10, 479: “ora capistris,to muzzle, id. G. 3, 399.—
B. To close, block up (post-Aug.): “prospectus om nes,to wall up, build up, Plin. 19, 4, 19, § 59: “fenestrae praefixae,Dig. 8, 2, 5.—*
C. To pierce, transfix with something: “latus praefixa veru,Tib. 1, 7, 55 (6, 49).—*
D. To enchant, bewitch, Quint. Decl. 10, 8.
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