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prae-pondĕro , āre, v. n. and
I. Neutr., to be of greater weight, to preponderate, incline (post-Aug.; cf. propendeo).
A. Lit.: “ne, portionum aequitate turbatā, mundus praeponderet,Sen. Q. N. 3, 10, 3: “quotiens in alterum latus praeponderans declinarat sarcina,App. M. 7, 17.—
B. Trop.
2. To turn the scale, give a decision, incline: “in humaniorem partem,Sen. Clem. 1, 2, 2: “si neutro litis condicio praeponderet,decides neither one way nor the other, Quint. 7, 2, 39: “quo praeponderet alea fati,Luc. 6, 603. —
3. Absol., to show preference, to act with partiality: “inter duos liberos pari desperatione languentes, da bonum patrem, non praeponderabit,Quint. Decl. 8, 9; cf.: “neutrum, si in neutram partem praeponderet,inclines, Varr. L. L. 10, § 5 Müll.—
II. Act., to outweigh (class.): “qui omnia metiuntur emolumentis et commodis, neque ea volunt praeponderari honestate,to be surpassed, Cic. Off. 3, 4, 18.
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