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quam-dĭu , less freq. quandĭu (mostly as two words, sometimes separated:
I. Interrog., how long ago? how long? quamdiu id factum est? Plaut. Capt. 5, 3, 3: “quandiu apud vos ero,Vulg. Marc. 9, 18.—
II. Rel.
1. Of time, as long as, until, during (class.): “quamdiu potuit, tacuit,Caes. B. G. 1, 17: “disces, quamdiu voles,Cic. Off. 1, 1, 2; Col. 12, 52, 13.—
(β). Until (very rare): “jubebat, ut semper id comesset, quamdiu tamen melius invenisset,Lampr. Elag. 29, 7.— Comp.: “quamdiutius,Not. Tir. p. 35.—Sup.: “quamdiutissime,Not. Tir. p. 35.—
2. Of inference, inasmuch as, in that (late Lat.): “quandiu fecistis uni ex his fratribus,Vulg. Matt. 25, 40.
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