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scrūpŭlus (scrīŭplum , etc.,
I.v. infra, B.), i, m. dim. scrupus. *
I. Lit., a small sharp or pointed stone: “ater scrupulus,Sol. 7.—
B. Transf.
1. T. t., the smallest division of weight (the 24th part of an ounce), a scruple; in this sense the neutr. collat. form scrīpŭlum (less commonly scrū-pŭlum ; also written, because of a fancied derivation from scriptum, scriptŭlum , scriptlum ) is most freq.: scriptulum, quod nunc vulgo sine t dicunt, Varro ap. Plautin. dixit. Idem tertio Annali. Is (nummus argenteus) quattuor scriptulis major fuit quam nunc est, Charis. p. 81: “si ibi auri scrupulum imponatur, etc.,Vitr. 7, 8 med.: “scripula octo,Col. 12, 28, 1: “picis sex scripula,id. 12, 23, 2; Cic. Att. 4, 16, 13: “quinque marathri scrupula,Ov. Med. Fac. 92: “scripulum nostri dixere priores,Rhem. Fan. Pond. 8 sq.: “ita ut scripulum valeret sestertiis vicenis,Plin. 33, 3, 13, § 47: “scrupulum,Val. Max. 4, 4, 9: “scriptula,Mart. 4, 89, 3; 10, 55, 3.—
2. Of other measures.
a. The twenty-fourth part of an uncia of land (the 288th part of a jugerum), Varr. R. R. 1, 10, 2; Col. 5, 1, 8.—
b. The twenty-fourth part of an hour: “QVAE HIC DORMIT VIXIT ANN. XXI. MENS. III. HOR. IV. SCRVPVLOS VI.,Inscr. Fabr. p. 97, 219 (ap. Orell. 4718, n. 1); M. Aur. ap. Front. Ep. ad Caes. 2, 9.—
c. Of any other very small measure, Front. Aquaed. 26; Plin. 2, 10, 7, § 48.—
II. Trop., a pricking, stinging, uneasy sensation; hence,
2. A painfully minute examination, a subtlety, Gell. 5, 15, 9.
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