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sorbĕo , ŭi, 2 (collat. forms:
I.pres. subj. sorbamus, App. M. 2, p. 119; perf. sorpsi, acc. to Charis. p. 217, and Diom. p. 363; cf. the compounds), v. a. akin with Gr. ῥοφέω; cf. O. H. Germ. swarb, swirbil, whirlpool, to sup up, suck in, drink down, swallow (freq. and class.).
I. Lit. (class.; “syn. haurio): hominum sanguinem,Plaut. Bacch. 3, 1, 5: “calidum sanguinem ex homine,Plin. 28, 1, 2, § 4: “crudum ovum,id. 29, 3, 11, § 42; Luc. 7, 843: “margaritas aceto liquefactas,Suet. Calig. 37 et saep.—Absol.: “sorbet dormiens,Plaut. Mil. 3, 2, 6 sq.—Prov.: simul flare sorbereque haud facile, to drink and whistle at the same time, i. e. to do two things at once, Plaut. Most. 3, 2, 104.—
II. Trop., to swallow down, endure, bear, brook, etc.: “quid eum non sorbere animo, quid non haurire cogitatione, cuius sanguinem non bibere censetis?Cic. Phil. 11, 5, 10: “odia (corresp. to concoquere),id. Q. Fr. 3, 9, 5.
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