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vastĭtūdo , ĭnis, f. id..
I. = vastitas, II. A., ruin, destruction (ante-class.): Mars pater, te precor ... ut tu morbos visos invisosque, viduertatem vastitudinemque, calamitates intemperiasque prohibessis, an old formula of prayer ap. Cato, R. R. 141, 2: quae vastitudo haec aut unde invasit mihi? Att. ap. Non. 184, 32 (Trag. Rel. v. 455 Rib.); Pac. ib. (Trag. Rel. v. 314 ib.).—*
II. = vastitas, II. B., fearful size, hugeness, immensity: “corporis,Gell. 5, 14, 9.
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