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vēlĭfĭcor , ātus (
I.inf. parag. velificarier, Afr. Com. 267), 1, v. dep. n. [velum-facio], to make sail, spread sail, sail.
I. Lit. (rare; “not in Cic.): (ratis) Caerula ad infernos velificata lacus,Prop. 2, 28 (3, 25), 40: “velificantes triumphantium in modum,Flor. 3, 7, 3; Mel. 3, 7, 2.—
II. Trop., with dat., to make sail for, i. e. to exert one's self to effect, procure, or gain a thing (class.): “honori suo velificari,Cic. Agr. 1, 9, 27: ne aut velificatus alicui dicaris, aut, etc., Cael. ap. Cic. Fam. 8, 10, 2: “favori civium,Flor. 1, 9, 5.
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