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accidō cidī, —, ere

ad + cado, to fall upon, fall to, reach by falling: ut tela missa a Gallis gravius acciderent, Cs.: tela ab omni parte accidebant, L.—Of persons, to arrive, come: de inproviso, had come unexpectedly, S.: alqd simulare, quo inprovisus gravior accideret, that his attack might be a surprise, and more formidable, S. — Esp., to fall before, fall at the feet: ad genua accidit Lacrumans, T.: ad pedes omnium.—Of the senses, to strike, reach, come: nihil quod ad oculos animumque acciderit: ad aurīs tuas: unde nec ad nos nomen famaque eius accidere posset, reach, L.: auribus, L.: animo, T.Absol, to come to the ears, come, be heard, be raised: clamor deinde accidit novus, L.: concitatior accidens clamor ab increscente certamine, L.: ut vox etiam ad hostes accideret (with acc. and inf.), L.To befit, become, suit (poet.): istuc verbum vere in te accidit, was true of you, T.—Fig., to come to pass, happen, occur, fall out, take place, befall: res eo gravius ferre, quo minus merito accidissent, Cs.: si quid mali accidisset, S.: cum tantum periculi accidisset, Cs.: quae victis acciderent enumeravere, the fate of the conquered, S.: si gravius quid acciderit, if any calamity occur, Cs.: casu accidit ut: sic accidit, uti, etc., thus it happened, that, Cs. — Pleonast. in narrations: accidit ut esset luna plena, Cs.: neque saepe accidit, ut, etc., Cs.—Of what is fortunate or welcome: quid optatius populo R. accidere potuit, quam, etc.? interea aliquid acciderit boni, T.— Esp., si quid cui accidat, or si quid humanitus accidat, if anything should happen to one (euphemist. for die): si quid mihi humanitus accidisset: si quid ei gravius a Caesare accidisset, i. e. if Cœsar should put him to death, Cs.: si quid accidat Romanis, if the Romans are destroyed, Cs.To end, result, turn out: contra opinionem, disappoint us, Cs.: peius victoribus quam victis accidisse, Cs.

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