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bonus; for * bone.—Of manner, well, better, best: ager bene cultus: olere, agreeably, V.: succedere, prosperously, T.: optione vendere, dear: emere honorem, cheaply, V.: habitare, in good style, N.: optime video Davum, most opportunely, T.: optime suos nosse, thoroughly, N.: monere, advise well, T.: nuntias, your news is good, T.: putas, aright, T.: partes descriptae, accurately: melius cernere: melius inperatum est, there was better generalship, L.: pugnare, successfully, S.: naturā constituti, well endowed: instituti, educated: de re p. sentiens, patriotic: sentiens, with good intentions: animatus, favorable, N.: quod bene cogitasti, laudo, your good intentions: consulere, to plan well, S.: Si bene quid de te merui, have served you, V.: vivere, correctly: mori, with honor, L.: ea bene parta retinere, honorable acquisitions, S.: iura non bene servare, faithfully, O. — In particular phrases, with verbs: si vales, bene est, i. e. I am glad: optumest, very well, T.: bene est, nil amplius oro, I am satisfied, H.: iurat bene solis esse maritis, are well off, H.: spero tibi melius esse, that you are better: mihi bene erat pullo, i. e. I enjoyed a meal upon, H.: bene habet, it is well: bene dicere haud absurdum est, S.: alcui bene dicere, to praise: vertere Ad bene dicendum, i. e. eulogy, H.: nec bene nec male dicta, cheers nor imprecations, L.: Bene dixti, you are right, T.: bene audire, see audio: bene agere cum aliquo, to treat well, T.: Di tibi Bene faciant, do you good, T.: bene sane facis, sed, etc., many thanks, but, etc.: Bene factum, I am glad of it, T.: bene facit Silius qui transegerit, I am glad that: bene facta male locata male facta arbitror, favors: quid bene facta iuvant, V.: bene factorum recordatio, good deeds: bene gratia facti, V.: bene gesta res p., well administered: occasio rei bene gerendae, a chance of success, Cs.: nec (res) gesturos melius sperare poterant, L.: qui de me optime meriti sunt, have done me excellent service: de re p. bene mereri, to be useful to the state: bene meritus civis: quod bene verteret, turn out well, L.: Di vortant bene Quod agas, bring out well, T.: bene Pericles (sc. dixit): melius hi quam nos (sc. faciebant): quod (imperium) si (ei) sui bene crediderint cives, did well to intrust to him, etc., L.: melius peribimus quam, etc., it will be better for us to perish, L. — Of intensity, very, quite: sermo bene longus: fidum pectus, H.: lubenter, T.: penitus, very intimately: notus, widely, H.: bene plane magnus (dolor) videtur, exceedingly: bene ante lucem venire, some time: mane, very early: tutus a perfidiā, entirely, L.: scelerum si bene paenitet, heartily, H.

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