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Son of Metanira, and changed by Demeter into a lizard, because he mocked the goddess when she had come on her wanderings into the house of his mother, and drank eagerly to quench her thirst.


Twelfth king of Argos, son of Lynceus and Hypermnestra, grandson of Danaüs, and father of Acrisius and Proetus. When he informed his father of the death of Danaüs, he was rewarded with the shield of his grandfather, which was sacred to Heré. This shield performed various marvels, and the mere sight of it could subdue a river. (See Serv. ad Verg. Aen. iii. 286).


A Latin chief who assisted Aeneas against Turnus, and was killed by Lausus (Verg. Aen. x. 170).


A river of Albania emptying into the Caspian Sea.


A mountain of Armenia Minor, identified by Mannert with Ararat.

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