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τὰ Ἄβδηρα).


A town of Thrace, near the mouth of the Nestus, which flowed through the town. It was colonized by Timesius of Clazomenae about B.C. 656, and a second time by the inhabitants of Teos in Ionia, who settled there after their own town had been taken by the Persians, B.C. 544. It was the birthplace of Democritus, Hecataeus, Protagoras, Anaxarchus, and other distinguished men; but its inhabitants, notwithstanding, were accounted stupid, and Abderite was a term of reproach. (See Juv.x. 50; Mart.x. 25.


A Punic town of Hispania Baetica, on the sea-coast.

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