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Ἀλκμαιωνίδαι). A noble family at Athens, a branch of the family of the Nelidae, who were driven out of Pylus, in Messenia, by the Dorians, and settled at Athens. In consequence of the way in which Megacles, one of the family, treated the insurgents under Cylon (B.C. 612), they brought upon themselves the guilt of sacrilege, and were in consequence banished from Athens about 595 About B.C. 560 they returned from exile, but were again expelled by Pisistratus. In the year 548 they contracted with the Amphictyonic Council to rebuild the temple of Delphi, and obtained great popularity throughout Greece by executing the work in a style of magnificence which much exceeded their engagement. On the expulsion of Hippias in 510, they were again restored to Athens. They now joined the popular party, and Clisthenes, who was at that time the head of the family, gave a new constitution to Athens. See Clisthenes.

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