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or Androcles. The slave of a Roman consul, and sentenced to be exposed to the wild beasts in the circus; but a lion which had been let loose upon him exhibited signs of recognition, and began licking him. Upon inquiry, it appeared that Androclus had run away from his master in Africa; and that, having taken refuge in a cave, a lion entered, went up to him, and held out his paw. Androclus extracted a large thorn which had entered it. Henceforth they lived together for some time, the lion catering for his benefactor. But at last, tired of this savage life, Androclus left the cave, was apprehended by some soldiers, brought to Rome, and condemned to the wild beasts. He was pardoned, and presented with the lion, which he used to lead about the city. (Sen. Ben. ii. 19; Gell. v. 14.)

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