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Αὐγείας) or Augĕas (Αὐγέας). Son of Helios, or, according to another account, of Phorbas, and Hermioné. He was king of the Epeians in Elis, and one of the Argonauts. Besides his other possessions, for which Agamemnon (sic for "Agamedes") and Trophonius built him a treasure-house, he was owner of an enormous flock of sheep and oxen, among which were twelve white bulls consecrated to the Sun. When Heracles, at the command of Eurystheus, came to cleanse his farm-yard, Augeas promised him the tenth part of his flock. But, the task completed, he refused the reward, on the ground that the work had been done in the service of Eurystheus. Heracles replied by sending an army against him, which was defeated in the passes of Elis by Eurytus and Cteatus, sons of Molioné; but Heracles appeared on the scene, and slew the Molionidae, and with them their uncle Augeas and his sons. See Heracles; Molionidae.

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