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Ἆγις). The name of several kings of Sparta.


The son of Eurysthenes, the founder of the family of the Agidae.


Son of Archidamus II., reigned B.C. 427-398. He took an active part in the Peloponnesian War, and invaded Attica several times. While Alcibiades was at Sparta he was the guest of Agis , and is said to have seduced his wife Timaea (in consequence of which Leotychides, the son of Agis , was excluded from the throne as illegitimate).


Son of Archidamus III., reigned B.C. 338-330. He attempted to overthrow the Macedonian power in Europe while Alexander the Great was in Asia, but was defeated and killed in battle by Antipater in the year 330.


Son of Eudamidas II., reigned B.C. 244-240. He attempted to reestablish the institutions of Lycurgus, and to effect a thorough reform in the Spartan state; but he was resisted by his colleague Leonidas II. and the wealthy, was thrown into prison, and there put to death by command of the ephors, along with his mother and grandmother.

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