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A young Roman of considerable talents and accomplishments, intrusted to the care of Cicero on his first introduction to the Forum. Having imprudently engaged in an intrigue with Clodia, the well-known sister of Clodius, and having afterwards deserted her, she accused him of an attempt to poison her, and of having borrowed money from her in order to procure the assassination of Dio , the Alexandrian ambassador. He was defended by Cicero in an oration which is still extant (Pro Caelio).


Aureliānus, a medical writer. (See Aurelianus.)


Sabīnus, a writer in the age of Vespasian, who composed a treatise on the edicts of the curule aediles.


One of the seven hills on which Rome was built, but now deserted. Romulus surrounded it with a ditch and rampart, and it was enclosed by walls under the succeeding kings. It is supposed to have received its name from Caeles Vibenna. See Roma.

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