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A powerful people in Spain, consisting of Kelts, who crossed the Pyrenees at an early period, and became mingled with the Iberians, the original inhabitants of the country. They dwelt chiefly in the central part of Spain. Their country, called Celtiberia, was mountainous and unproductive. They were a brave and warlike people, and proved formidable enemies to the Romans. They submitted to Scipio Africanus in the Second Punic War, but the oppression of the Roman governors led them to rebel, and for many years they successfully defied the power of Rome. They were reduced to submission on the capture of Numantia by Scipio Africanus the Younger (B.C. 134), but they again took up arms under Sertorius, and it was not till his death (B.C. 72) that they began to adopt the Roman customs and language.

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