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Κηφισός) and Cephissus (Κηφισσός).


A celebrated river of Greece, that rises at the foot of Parnassus, close to Lilaea, and, after traversing the plains of Phocis and part of the Boeotian territory, empties into the Copaic Lake in the latter country. (See Copaïs.) Hesiod compares it to a serpent, from the many sinuosities of its course. The modern name is Mauro Potamo. According to the poets, the son of the river-god Cephissus introduced the worship of the Graces into Boeotia, and hence the peculiar attachment which they were said to have for the waters of this stream. (See Gratiae.)


A river of Attica, generally distinguished by the name of Atticus, to prevent its being confounded with the Cephissus which flowed near Eleusis.


A river running near Eleusis.


A river of Argolis, flowing into the Inachus.


A river in the island of Salamis.

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