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Χείλων, Χίλων). A Spartan, ranked, on account of his wisdom and experience, among the Seven Sages of Greece. He directed his attention to public affairs, and became one of the ephori, B.C. 556 (Diog. Laert. i. 68). Many of his maxims are quoted by the ancient writers, which justify the high reputation connected with his name. He died of joy at an advanced age, while embracing one of his sons who had gained a prize at the Olympic Games. Chilo appears to have travelled much abroad, and it is probable that he visited Sardis, the capital of Croesus, a monarch who had sought an alliance with Sparta (Herod.i. 69). It was at the court of the Lydian monarch, in all probability, that he saw Aesop, since Diogenes Laertius speaks of a question put by the philosopher to the fabulist (Diog. Laert. i. 68 foll.).

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