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Κιμμέριοι). The name of a mythical and of a historical people. The mythical Cimmerii, mentioned by Homer, dwelt in the farthest West on the ocean, enveloped in constant mists and darkness. Later writers sought to localize them, and accordingly placed them either in Italy, near the lake Avernus, or in Spain, or in the Tauric Chersonesus. The historical Cimmerii dwelt on the Palus Maeotis (Sea of Azov), in the Tauric Chersonesus, and in Asiatic Sarmatia. Driven from their abodes by the Scythians, they passed into Asia Minor on the northeast, and penetrated west as far as Aeolis and Ionia. They took Sardis, B.C. 635, in the reign of Ardys, king of Lydia; but they were expelled from Asia by Alyattes, the grandson of Ardys, about B.C. 600.

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