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Caesars, the Twelve

A collective name given to the first twelve rulers of imperial Rome: Iulius (B.C. 48-44); Augustus (B.C. 30-A.D. 14); Tiberius (A.D. 14-37); Caligula (A.D. 37-41); Claudius (A.D. 41-54); Nero (A.D. 54-69); Galba (A.D. 69); Otho (A.D. 69); Vitellius (A.D. 69-70); Vespasian (A.D. 70-79); Titus (A.D. 79-81); Domitian (A.D. 81- 96). Their biographies were written by Suetonius in his Vitae Duodecim Caesarum, of which the standard text is that of Roth (Leipzig, 1858).

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