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Caspium Mare

τὸ Κάσπιον πέλαγος). The modern Caspian Sea, also called Hyrcanium, Albānum, and Scythĭcum—names all derived from the people who lived on its shores; a great salt-water lake in Asia. Probably at some remote period the Caspian was united both with the Sea of Aral and with the Arctic Ocean. Both lakes have their surface considerably below that of the Euxine or Black Sea, the Caspian nearly 350 feet, and the Aral about 200 feet, and both are still sinking by evaporation. The whole of the neighbouring country indicates that this process has been going on for centuries past. Besides a number of smaller streams, two great rivers flow into the Caspian: the Rha (Volga) on the north, and the united Cyrus and Araxes (Kour) on the west; but it loses more by evaporation than it receives from these rivers.

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