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A peculiar kind of spear intended to be discharged as a missile from the hand, and employed in warfare as well as the chase (Verg. Aen. ix. 705; Livy, xxxiv. 14; Cyneg. 342). It is described as a missile of the largest dimensions ( Non. s. v.), with an immense iron head and strong wooden shaft, weighted near the top by a circular mass of lead (Isidor. Orig. xviii. 7, 8), exactly as represented by the annexed figure, from


an ancient monument published by Alstorp (De Hastis Veterum, p. 158). Another specimen of very similar character is exhibited on a sepulchral marble discovered at Aquileia, published by Bertoli.


A missile invented by the people of Saguntum, similar in many respects to the preceding, but of a still more formidable description (Livy, xxi. 8). It was chiefly employed in sieges, and discharged with prodigious violence, by the assistance of machinery (Lucan, vi. 198), from a lofty wooden tower.

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